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Anatomy and physiology

Situation: After a long summer afternoon in the hot sun, Pete discovers that he's very thirsty and just a touch lightheaded. Instructions: 1) Describe in detail the process by which Pete's body lets him know that he is dehydrated and should probably drink some fluids. 2) Trace the anatomical pathway of the neural signal that must be sent from the primary motor area of the brain to the appropriate muscles of the arm and shoulder in order to lift a glass of water to drink. Then indicate which muscles are involved and the specific action of each. 3) Trace the path of the water from mouth to urethra, giving a comprehensive listing of structures/systems it passes through on the way. Tips: This assignment requires an ability to go beyond rote memorization and use the information you’ve learned to synthesize a solution to a new problem. This is also an assignment with which many students struggle. The following tips, written from experience, are provided to help you sidestep potential problems with ease and write a stronger assignment:

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