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Theories in Practice

Need 3-4 page essay relating systems and diffusion of innovation theories to healthcare delivery and nursing practice. In the essay discuss: Discuss the relationship between Bertalanffy's systems theory and healthcare delivery in the US Discuss the relationship between Roger's diffusion of innovation theory and the change process within healthcare delivery in the US Discuss the relationship between Bertalanffys systems theory and current nursing practice Discuss the relationship between Rogers diffusion of innovation and current nursing practice Summarize the search strategies used to acqquire informaiton on the specified theories Include an annotated reference list (to include authour, title, publication date, date retreived, urls in APA format plus a summary of the article, an assessment o fhte article, and a reflection of the value of the article) of the 4 online resources used. Include all in-text citations and references in APA format Need in Rich Text File (rtf file ext)

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