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What is an Author’s Claim?

Posted by
pen paper

Every piece of writing has a purpose, whether it’s to entertain, inform, or persuade. In the realm of persuasive writing, the heart of the matter is an author’s claim, which forms the foundation of their argument. But what exactly is an author’s claim, and how can we identify and evaluate it? In this blog post, […]

How to Write Interesting Reading Journal Entries

Posted by
journal typing

  For students not familiar with keeping a class journal or writing short free response papers, the assignment can be intimidating and confusing. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be. Journal entries are generally a lot less formal than essays, and if you understand the rationale behind journal entries you will find […]

Is Technology Changing the Way People Write?

Posted by
technology writing

The times are ever-changing and so is technology. With new technological standards revolutionizing our way of life on a daily basis, computers of all types (tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.) are becoming integrated into many of our daily activities. Not only is it becoming more common to be able to pay for goods and services on […]

How to Perfect Your Writing Skills: 10 Tips for Aspiring Writers

Posted by
typing novel

Those with a creative flair often turn to writing as a way to express their thoughts and dreams. However, writing a novel is an enormous undertaking which can take up many months or even years of your life. Getting published re presents a whole other level to the process and given just how difficult it […]

You Can Write a Love Poem (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Posted by

Love poetry is a cherished tradition of romance. Most of us, if we think about poetry at all, read only the works of famous poets like Shakespeare and Browning, or the ditties printed in greeting cards. However, a special poem that you write for your loved one can be a very intimate gift, especially if […]

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Degree Program

Posted by
online degrees programs

For all of the very real benefits an online degree program gives you, there are still a number of factors to take into consideration before you choose one. This article lays out some of the most pressing factors to consider. Topics covered include cost, class size and tech support, as well as instructor qualifications and […]

The Top 10 Most Amazing College Campuses for 2019

Posted by
us top colleges

The time has come at last. You’re all finished with high school and ready to take your first steps into the real world. For many young adults, this first step is applying to college. This life-changing decision is one of the most important choices that you’ll make at this early stage of adulthood. A positive […]

My First Essay as a College Student

Posted by
How I Wrote My First 1000 Word Essay

Essays in college are different than in high school. It’s not enough to write about something; instead, now you have to assert your opinion, often without being able to state your opinion. You also have to learn to back up everything that you say with evidence. College writing is more complex and more nuanced than […]

5 Scholarship Application Tips for High Schoolers

Posted by
scholarship application

Getting accepted for a scholarship can seem like an uphill battle, especially when you realize that you are probably applicant 1,737 of 5,000. With so many applicants, how in the world are you supposed to stand out? Well, with the right information, some good advice, and a plan, it’s possible. Since you’re still in high […]

The Freshman’s Guide to Doing Research

Posted by
college freshmen meme

One of the most frightening things for many freshmen is the dreaded research paper. These can be quite intimidating especially when you’re already struggling with essay writing. Thankfully, research papers really aren’t difficult, they’re just time consuming. What you’re doing is going on a scavenger hunt. And, like any good hunt, you need to start […]