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You Can Write a Love Poem (It’s Easier Than You Think)


Love poetry is a cherished tradition of romance. Most of us, if we think about poetry at all, read only the works of famous poets like Shakespeare and Browning, or the ditties printed in greeting cards. However, a special poem that you write for your loved one can be a very intimate gift, especially if your sweetheart appreciates words of affirmation (and who doesn’t?)

Composing your own poetry might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Grab your smart phone or a pen and paper, you’re about to discover how easy it is give your loved one the most personal gift they’ve ever received.

First, let’s get a few stressful ideas out of the way. Your poem does not need to rhyme or use flowery language. Forget about those terms you heard in high school English class like meter and metaphor. Today you are writing a few lines to express appreciation for someone you adore: nothing else matters.

Perhaps the hardest part of crafting your poem is deciding what to say, because love is a huge subject, and the person you care about is complex. It’s impossible to fit all your thoughts into one short poem. Rather than exhaust yourself by trying to say it all, choose only one aspect of your feelings, or one quality that you appreciate in this person, and talk about that.

Another option is to tell a mini-story about an experience you and this person shared. If you enjoyed a special visit to a park, jot down a few moments from that day that stand out in your memory. Perhaps your list includes throwing bread to the ducks, skipping rocks getting caught in a cloudburst, and telling silly knock-knock jokes on the walk home. A thousand other things may have happened that day, but in your poem you’re only going to mention these significant moments.

Convert your Ideas Into Written Words

To convert your ideas into words, try one of these two options: write your thoughts in normal sentences as if you’re sending an email to your loved one, or write in short sentences like a haiku poem. Read your words aloud. Do you like the way they sound? If not, try shortening the sentences or changing a word here and there. If it still doesn’t come out sounding the way you’d hoped, try writing a silly poem instead. Describe a funny mishap you experienced with your sweetheart, and how it brought you closer together. Remember, this poem doesn’t have to be great literature for the ages it’s meant to make your loved one smile. Finally, arrange your phrases into short lines and print the poem on a computer or write it by hand on a card. There’s no need to give the poem a title unless you want to.

Poetry is a deeply intimate gift, and a short verse isn’t hard to write. Have you ever received love poetry written just for you? Your sweetheart probably hasn’t, either. When you give them this personal poem, your loved one will feel uniquely treasured.

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