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Best Reflective Essay Ideas

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Add Philosophy to Your Reflective Essay

Personalized reflective essay topics usually work very well, but it’s important not to become didactic when working with them. It’s very easy to go overboard. While it’s nice to find how philosophy fits into one’s life, one wouldn’t want to write some reflective essay topics on how Beowulf and Grendel have personalities similar to any modern seekers of a political office. That would probably turn off a particular professor if they had read it. However, a paper about how the fight between these two characters relate to conflict resolution in one’s life might be relatively popular and succinct.

Unique Reflective Essay Topics

When working with reflective essay topics, one might also want to consider one that’s rather unique. Countless people have analyzed Beowulf in reference to its Teutonic heritage. Many others have developed ways of looking at how influential it was on Scandinavian literature. However, these aren’t the best reflective essay topics. One might instead want to reflect on what they thought of a particular character.

Make Your Reflective Essay Topic Interesting

The rivalry that broke out between Breca and Beowulf could prove an interesting topic in its own right. For instance, someone might want to argue that they felt that Beowulf wasn’t in the right for the time or that the rivalry wasn’t a great thing to begin with. Either case is very interesting. Each of these topics shows that the writer is trying to understand the story and how it applies to their own individual life experiences.

Read Literature and Create Great Reflective Essays

Of course, these are examples using only one piece of literature. When working with reflective essay ideas, one of the most important things is to actually read the literature that one is expected to be commenting on. An author can sit there and read what other people think about something all day. That’s fine, but it’s often unnecessary. Reading the material in the first place and developing reflective essay ideas from this can save a good deal of time. Concordances and the like have their place, but a great education comes from being able to work with material on one’s own. Being able to draw one’s own conclusions while understanding literature is a powerful tool for any independent scholar.

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Detailed Reflective Essay Outline

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When working through a reflective essay outline, one might first be instructed to do a little research. Everyone who is given a reflective essay rubric should make an effort to find out about the author and what critics have to say about their work. Some authors have actually published literary criticisms of their own texts, or have at least further explained their intent in writing it. This additional information is often important to those reflecting on something.

How Would You Start Writing Your Reflective Essay

That being said, a reflective paper outline for smaller works usually won’t require this. These works are simply too small to require any research. Nevertheless, reflecting on another essay might require a bit of historical context to fully understand what’s going on. An individual reflective essay outline should illustrate this fact. Some instructors might not want this level of detail, however. It all depends on what’s deemed appropriate for class, though that sometimes means that one might want to ask their teacher for some advice before they start writing their own paper.

Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

The majority of reflective essay outline sheets will require students to develop a thesis. A thesis statement isn’t really a question. On the other hand, it’s not merely an observation either. Thesis statements are supposed to analyze the text and introduce the main idea of the essay that comes after it. If the thesis statement is too much of a simple observation, readers of the essay might get turned off too quickly. It’s not the best for gaining points when an essay is scored on a reflective essay rubric either. Once again, authors need to be completely sure that they’re familiar with all of the essay requirements they’re faced with.

A statement such as “The narrative aspects of Beowulf are composed as a work of epic poetry” is entirely accurate, but it doesn’t make for a particularly good thesis statement. Thesis statements should be developed with a sense of action. For instance, one might instead write, “The poetic narrative structure of Beowulf mirrors the elegant way in which the characters carry themselves.”

Add Evidence to Your Reflective Essay Outline

As authors write to fill out their reflective essay outline, they’ll need to find several direct quotes that support their thesis. Generally, people present a topic and then provide evidence from the reading before they analyze it. For example, one might want to find three quotes that use poetic language to illustrate the title character’s civility in the face of the ferocity of the dragon. Likewise, one might also want to find areas where Beowulf himself shows a sort of beast-like viciousness. These quotes and the appropriate analysis can take a lackluster reflective essay outline and produce a very successful piece of writing from it.

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Write a Reflective Essay

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When one asks how to write a reflective essay, the first step that they have to understand is the source material. One might want to ask why the author wrote something and what the underlying theme in their writing is. These aspects are particularly important to grasp even before one actually starts the writing process.

Define the Symbols in Your Reflective Essay

Once one has started to figure out how to write a reflective essay, they need to identify several symbols that are used by the author to better extrapolate the theme. The characters might learn from these symbols, or they could have somehow interacted with them. For that matter, they might have even been repulsed by the symbols. Regardless, when considering how to write a personal reflective essay one needs to deal with the various symbols that they’ll end up facing.

Every Reflective Essay Has Its Own Style

Some authors might focus on literary terms more than others. They might want to address something specific as it applies to some writing methodology. Other authors are more dependent on their own particular style. Some individuals are extremely minimalist or experimental. Authors who use stream of consciousness writing techniques, for instance, will periodically switch between the character’s points of view.

Check Reflective Essay Format

The format and style will often suggest a great deal about the story, but this isn’t the end of the writing process. After a writer has laid out these basic ideas they need to look for connections and patterns when they’re figuring out how to write a reflective essay. Characters and themes are often connected, but the author of the essay might want to ask him or herself how they’re connected to it. After all, the question of how to write reflective essay material is actually pretty personal.

Be Sure In Correct Interpretation

It might be best to illustrate how to write reflective essay pages with an example. In Beowulf, the eponymous hero battles three primary antagonists. These can each be looked at as a different theme or concept when trying to figure out how to write a reflective essay. When Grendel starts attacking the resident warriors of the hall of the king of the Danes, one can interpret it as an attack on authority or something similar.

Likewise, when figuring out how to write a reflective essay on Beowulf, one might want to consider the case of Grendel’s mother or the dragon that Beowulf takes on. In either situation, one could see these struggles as the forces of order and chaos fighting against one another. One might want to reflect on how they feel about this aspect of the text. Making personal connections is important, but it’s equally as important to avoid getting completely carried away when writing a reflective paper for english.

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How To Write A Essay

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Essays allow students in college to demonstrate and explain an in-depth knowledge of a research subject. The skill of great essay and paper writing is to be carefully and critically discuss and evaluate ideals within a set word limit. The main focus of an essay or college paper is usually on developing an argument or analyzing ideas rather than on description of the topic. The essay is written in paragraphs and will have a structure that includes: 1) introduction, 2) body and 3) conclusion.

how to write a essay

how to write a essay



The introduction is the start and will describe the scene for the whole essay. You should not re-write the essay question at hand. Instead, the purpose and main point of starting the introduction is to identify the topic or topics, the position being argued by the writer and the main points or reasons for that position. The introduction will most likely shift from more general statements related to the question, to a specific statement of the main idea and/or argument(s) that will be discussed in the body.


In the body you use evidence from scholarly (Library) readings to explain, demonstrate, and support in detail the reasons and findings for your point of view given in the introduction. The body contains multiple paragraphs that articulate together to develop a strong and robust argument or discussion of the topic. Generally, when writing your paragraph it should be at least four to six sentences long. You need more than a single sentence for a paragraph and bullet points are usually not acceptable.


The main purpose of the essay conclusion is to summarize your arguments and make final evaluative comments/concluding statements on the ideas presented in the essay. It should not contain new ideas or examples. It is crucial to link the flow of the conclusion to the essay question and topic. If you follow these steps you will be sure to understand how to write a essay or how to write an essay.

how to write an essay

how to write an essay

Reflective Essay For English Class

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English reflective essay

Reflective essays are papers that ask you to talk about what you learned or got out of a certain experience. They are very common for teachers to use to gauge the effectiveness of a particular lesson or teaching tactic, and they are especially common in the field of English. Teaching English concepts to students is one of the hardest parts of teaching, which is why professors and teachers are always trying to find new ways to teach students. Reflective essays on English class aren’t the most difficult but they require you to put forth a lot of time and effort to complete, and with all other assignments that teachers give these can really get in the way.


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how to write a reflective essay

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Can Someone Edit My Research Paper?

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What Is a Personal Reflective Essay?

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What Is a Personal Reflective Essay?

A personal reflective essay is where you have an opportunity to discuss the learning experience and all other aspects of what you are reflecting on. Personal reflective essays are often assigned in school so that a teacher or professor can see if their methods were successful or not, and also so the student can see what they accomplished with the assignment. A reflection essay can be very useful for all parties, and it can even help students figure out their best methods for learning in the future. The problem with these is that they often take longer than you’d like, and a busy student does not have the time to devote a whole day to writing the personal reflective essay.

Help with the personal reflective essay

Our professionals provide the best personal reflective essay help on the web, and they are waiting for your call so that you can get this pestering assignment out of the way. Our experts do more than just make up stuff for your essay; they will talk with you to see what the assignment is about and to find out anything they need to include to make it an essay that will get you maximum points. Our writers know the ins and outs of reflective essays and they know what your professor wants to see. You don’t want just anyone writing your personal reflective essay, you need experts who know what they are doing, and at writemypaper.net experts is all we have.

Personal reflective essay ideas

If you want to write your reflection essay but are drawing a blank on what to do about it, our professionals can help you pick the topic that’s right for you. Choosing between ideas on your reflection essay is tough but you want to pick one that you are passionate about, because it is a lot easier to write something that is true then make it up. Our experts have written thousands of personal reflective essays, so they will be able to get you a basic idea that you can then take to new heights. Our personal reflective essay help is the best on the web so when you can’t get it done you know where to go!

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How can I check my paper for plagiarism before submitting it to my instructor?

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The perfect and correct way to check your essay or paper is to make sure you paraphrase or use proper quotations for your sources as you write.  Visit the your schools library’s academic integrity guide to get help with checking for plagiarism in your essay. 

But, if you want to double-check that you’ve done it right, there are some free plagiarism checkers available.  Rest assured that some of these sites offer limited free services…you could potentially have to pay to use some of these services .  Here are two that have been recommended to us by academic writing faculty:

Here are a few more:  Top 10 free plagiarism detection tools for teachers.

Note:  WriteMyPaper.net does not subscribe to Turnitin, but your instructor might set up a course enrollment and and make you have to submit your work there prior to grading.

Argumentative (Persuasive) Essay Guidelines and Samples

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argumentative essay

Structuring an Argumentative or Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay starts with a writer’s attempt to convince readers of the truthfulness or validity of a particular topic, opinion, or related to a controversial issue. The following steps should help you write a argumentative/persuasive essay.

1. Strategically choose a topic that interests you. An argument does not have to be a pressing issue, but it must be something that is debatable. Ranything you feel strongly about.

2. Identify the controversy – the writer’s introduction and starting point should clarify the controversy or issue. Once you have this – your thesis will state your position or interpretation on the issue. This means you will need to take a stand on the issue.

3. Provide evidence and help – the body paragraphs will need to provide specific support. These arguments may include information from personal experience, statistics, examples, facts, or expert opinions or thoughts. These may be curated from television shows, books, newspapers, textbooks, studies, or interviews and magazines.

4. The writer must include enough details to support your current position; however, facts that are relevant must strongly be supported.

5. Consider changing opinions A persuasive essay may be differ or be strengthened by acknowledging conflicting viewpoints and refuse to accept them.

6. Provide a strong conclusion and restate your viewpoint using different techniques from the introduction paragraph. Never introduce any new material in the conclusion. Always conclude with some type of call to action for the reader.

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Term Paper

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:
How Poverty Rates Affected Crime Rates in New Orleans in 2005

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters to affect the United States. A perfect storm of problems converged on New Orleans, which saw it’s familiar city turn into a relative war zone, with crime rates soaring and ordinary citizens fearing for their safety, both from the disaster of the hurricane as well as the crime running rampant after the rain stopped. Since crime rates are always higher in poorer, poverty-stricken areas of a city, I believe that in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the parishes with poverty rates greater than 10% experienced an increased rate of burglary.

There was an enormous crime increase in New Orleans post-Katrina, particularly in burglary and robbery and looting. This is probably due to several factors, most notably that there was an increased opportunity to do so. Statistics compiled from this era are not reliable and range greatly in accuracy and consistency, but it is undeniable that looting and burglary rates soared immediately following Katrina. As New Orleans was facing the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the world watched, seeing only what the media chose to portray. Therefore, there was a disconnect between what was actually going on and what people perceived was going on. From this disconnect arose the idea that everyone in the city was simply taking the opportunity to steal the things they wanted, since there was a pervasive sense of lawlessness. Several reports however categorized these portrayals under the umbrella term of the looting myth. The looting myth suggests that people will begin looting and stealing simply because an opportunity presents itself, especially during a disaster or chaos. Quarantelli (1970) refers to the looting myth as “anti-social” and even rare right after disaster strikes. While looting does happen, the criminals are usually people from outside the community who see an opportunity and act on it. It is also common that individuals are committing the crimes, rather than groups or gangs (Quarantelli 1970, 175.) The looting myth has gained popularity and become common knowledge mostly due to media coverage. The media usually portrays the disaster victims as panicked, desperate and willing to break the law for survival. The media uses specific diction to convey the prevalence of looting. For example, if there isn’t any looting going on at the moment, the reporter may comment on how unusual it is or predict that it will start at any moment. Media reports have even been studied and analyzed to show how the reporting increases panic about looting and portrays a negative image that may or not be accurate. For instance, one study analyzed crime rates after Hurricane Alicia hit Texas and then compared them to the media reports going on at the same time (Friedman & Wenger, 1986.) Even over twenty years ago, the media was still focusing on looting. In fact, the study found that the media reports did not coincide with the police reports. The police reports actually recorded that there were over 10,000 robberies and over 40,000 burglaries in Houston in the year 1983, which equals an average of over 150 burglaries per day (Friedman & Wenger, 1986, p. 41) While there was looting after Hurricane Alicia, reporters failed to acknowledge the average crime rate in the city which significantly changes the perspective of looting in this instance. The public was put on high alert for something that happened regularly every day.

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