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10 Ways U.S. Colleges Work to help Support International Students

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When you are going to a new country to study it can be very stressful, here a few things to ask the U.S. colleges about what ways are the colleges going to work to help support International students.  Here are few tips of aid that you should look for when considering the right college in the United States.  Our ten main tips to ask and make sure you do when coming to the U.S.

1.  International student advisers – These are key people for anyone coming into a U.S. college they work to help support international students.  When coming to a college in the U.S. as a international student you are already given an international student adviser.  They actually will assign a specific advisor to accommodate you as a international student so they are very important when looking into a certain college you want to attend.  They will help you to get all of your lawful immigration affairs in order and help with any visa related problems.  Maybe you need help with some of your traveling documents, or an off campus job.  They will be there to help and you can contact them to see any and all the different issues or worries you might have as an international student.

2.  A college or academic adviser – College and academic advisors are also very important when it comes to getting a academic plan together.  They help you to decide what major or degree you are looking to pursue, Also the classes you will be taking to get your college career under way.  I would recommend you see them anytime you have a question about a certain class, where you stand on your credits, or just for help in general to make sure you are on the right track.

3.  Academic support center – If you are really not sure what major you are wanting to get your degree in.  You also have the academic support center to help in finding the right major for you and your specific interests.

4.  Student mentors –  In most colleges, the incoming freshmen will usually be assigned to a student mentor.  They can be of great help to you especially if you are international student that is coming to a U.S. college.  They actually have specific mentors for international students.  They have what are called international student mentors who will show you the ropes and give you some helpful information.  Since they have gone through the same experience as you coming over.  They can be a great deal of help with anything from simply knowing where a few essential places around where you stay you might need.  Maybe you need to know where a grocery store is to get food or a certain place that might be fun around the city you are in.  Most students will suggest after you get comfortable to explore around your city a little bit.  Also since they are upperclassmen they might know some people and helpful study groups that will benefit you as an international college student.

5. International student classes – Many colleges will actually offer classes that are specifically for international students to help you further excel in your U.S. college life.  The classes will actually usually have professors that are from different countries and are familiar with an array of different cultures.  So always look for a simple international student class your college might offer and take advantage of it.

6.  International student clubs –  Always be sure to check for a international student club there will always usually be a few clubs thats are dedicated to international college students.  In some cases you will find clubs from your home country so alway be sure to check out your college’s student activity boards so you don’t miss out on something that could be very interesting and helpful to you.

7.  Free gym access –  When attending a college as a freshman student take advantage of some of the perks that come along with that college.  The gym is a great example of something to use it can help you to get your mind of some stressful things.  Also many students will talk about the freshman 15, which is usually about the average amount of weight a freshman will gain.  Using the free gym access at your college is perfect for getting that taken care of and to help you feel better.  Sometimes international college students get wrapped up in making good grades which is important but keeping your body healthy is also important.  Or maybe you like tennis, basketball, volleyball etc. you are able to use these facilities to.

8. Meal plans – Being an international student is tough especially if you don’t have the transportation to get around to places you would like to go or even get groceries.  Most every college will have a meal plan in case you can get around to easy at first.  This is a great thing to take advantage of to not worry about getting groceries and having to put the time into cooking.  Also when checking on the right college or the college you are going to be attending.  You should check your college’s dining service so you can know what their on campus food dining options.

9. Teaching assistant – TA’s or Teaching assistant you need to get to know them.  They can be of great assistance to you because they are so close to your professor and help them out with many tasks.  They actually will usually be grading some of your papers so please make sure to be friendly with them.  Not only if you become friendly with them and they know you they can help to give you a little inside information on some certain assignments or clues on quizzes or even remind you of that pop quiz you are about to have.

10.  On-campus employment opportunities –  This can be a great option for incoming international students that were already on a tight budget.  To help you with this you can actually visit you on-campus career center.

So we know coming over to the U.S. as an international student can be a little stressful at first.  But using these helpful tips should help you flourish and enjoy the United States college life to the fullest.  It will definitely be a great growing and learning experience like you have never imagined.  I would suggest many international students take advantage of all the new exciting U.S. college life entails.

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