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The Best Persuasive Speech Topics for 2016

Welcome to our best persuasive speech topics mega list! Use our list of persuasive and controversial speech ideas as a first resort: however, you are much more likely to be find a topic when you choose a subject that genuinely interests you, which you can relate. The idea is that speaking about something you know very well makes it easier and more fun!

persuasive essay topics

Persuasive Essay Topics

Here’s a great list of topics to help convince others to come over to your way of thinking, which then leads to them taking a particular course of action. A great guide to writing persuasively is located here: These persuasive essay topics can be controversial, new topics from 2016, about health, school, relationships and more!

  1. Is global warming real or not real?
  2. Should a single parent be able to adopt a child? (yes/no)
  3. Does human cloning go against morals or morality?
  4. The reforming of the school system
  5. College network should have filters to prevent access of inappropriate materials.
  6. Doctor-assisted suicide should (or should not) be legal.
  7. Every student should (or should not) be required to learn a foreign language.
  8. Solar power is (or is not) a viable alternate energy source.
  9. American workers should (or should not) be guaranteed a three-day weekend by law.
  10. Immigration into the U.S. should (or should not) be restricted.
  11. Is the human brain the same for all beings?
  12. There is no alternative to prison.
  13. Internet dating is not safe and can be harmful
  14. Has plastic surgery gone too far?
  15. The freedom of press and news outlets are manipulating the public opinion

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