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Helpful Tips for A Freshman College Student


Let me just start by saying as a college graduate. Coming into your first year of college. I am sure you are very excited but also have some worries that college students will face. There are many things that can make not just your freshman year more enjoyable but your whole academic career. So here are a few tips that I believe will make getting your college degree a lot more smooth.

1: The first thing I would suggest to all the new college students is don’t be afraid to judge things to quickly. Also try to be outgoing and meet people and build relationships with other college students just like you. They might be in your history class, english class, business class, economics class etc… This is not obviously the only way to meet people that can be beneficial to your college degree. It could be your roommate in the dorm a friend you meet. Also there are many sources to use around the campus. The library is a perfect example, I meet a girl that was getting a kinesiology degree and what do you know it was the same academic degree I was pursuing. After talking to her in the library she was actually a sophomore. So she had already taken a few classes that I would also be taking. It got even better when I saw her and a couple other people talking to her again in the library. So then by introducing myself to the rest of her college friends. That just gave me more connections and college students that I had already meet in the first few weeks. So this is why I emphasize be open minded and outgoing you never know what person has what knowledge or connections to help you or have fun with the social college scene.

2. With that being said the school staff is not a bad idea to use all of the campuses academic resources. They can always help out with college websites, classes, and also speaking with your collegiate academic advisor to get more information on classes and more helpful resources. Although some people want to get right out of class right when it is over and that is ok if you don’t have any questions. Make sure you know what your professor is looking for you to get out of his class and don’t hesitate to ask a question about an assignment. You may also want to get to know a few people in your classes as I said before. This can always help if you have missed something or just need a little advice on how to get an assignment started. There are always other sources that the university will provide you with. That is why I stressed talking to your college academic advisor. They can point you in the right direction to use academic online journals. Online journals can help in a multitude of ways. So for the first tip is pretty much just to jump right into the college university and never be afraid to ask for help.

3: The second thing I would recommend to all college students while pursuing a college degree. I will let you know a few simple things that bothered me as a academic student and how to avoid these certain situations. Now I know that you don’t want to hear that you can’t party explore the city you are now living in at your university. So that is not what I am going to tell you. I actually feel you should explore the city go to the beach, take a hike, go on a bike ride. This can be very helpful to clear your mind with all the stress students are put under by their professors. With that being said there is a time for this but obviously you can’t expect to party and go out especially if you are a full time student. If you want to make some free time to hang out with other college students. Make sure to have your academic work completed. Also why I emphasize to meet as many students as possible is when you have a group to study with. Instead of just trying to handle the full workload alone. This makes studying, projects, homework, pop quizzes and everything else a college class will entail. Also college students can sometimes tend to overdue the partying which can make you miss a class. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

4. Do not miss your college class. Professors always have different styles of teaching but one thing I do know is if you attend every class and interact it will only benefit you. Also professors might announce a pop quiz or material you need to read in your textbook to complete an assignment. This is why it is always a good thing to know one or two people in the class. So if an emergency does come up you can ask them if there is any pertinent information you should know about.

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