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How to: Writing a Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

Narrative Essays Tell a Story

A narrative essay is basically a content piece that tells a story. Normally the author of the uses the content to describe a personal life event. The event in question may be past or on going. The narrative may also describe an event that happened to a close personal acquaintance or family member.

Steps to get Started on your Narrative Paper

Before writing the main parts of your essay it is advisable that the author writes a draft first. Before writing this draft the author has to make several decisions. These decisions include:

  • Pick a protagonist and antagonist. As mentioned above this may be personal or about a friend or close family member. It is important to pick who the text is about from the outset. The antagonist is the thing or person who stands in between the protagonist and whatever or whoever they want.
  • Choosing an actual event and writing an outline of the plot. This will make writing easier. A plan will shorten the writing period and also aid  by providing an engaging and precise prose.
  • Pick a point of view. Avoid changing points of views so that the story is consistent and the story flows well. This will help make the story easy to follow and consistent. A narrative piece should be enjoyable and easy to read. The reader should be captivated from beginning to end.

Writing the Narrative Way

Once the draft is written you main begin writing the main parts based on this draft. The draft may be revised several times before the main text is written.

Apart from the normal rules on grammar and sentence construction. There are certain guidelines that the author must stick to when writing a narrative style content piece. Here are the guidelines:

  • There has to be an introductory paragraph. First this paragraph should have a catchy statement that hooks the reader. This statement should give a short description about the story the narrator is about to tell. The next part of this paragraph is the body. Within this body the narrator sets the scene for the story. The last part of this paragraph is the thesis statement. The narrative thesis statement is unlike other thesis statements in that it can be the beginning of the story; offer the moral of the story or identify the theme of the story
  • The second part of the essay is the body paragraph. It is within this paragraph that the story is told. They may be several however they should be connected by transitional sentences. In the body of the story the author should try to be as vivid as possible. The use of descriptive language is highly recommended. The body is also where the author provides supporting evidence for the thesis statement. In a narrative essay this means that the author describes the events that led to this statement adequately. The passage of time should also be very well described.
  • The final paragraph should offer a conclusion to the story. This is usually done using the final action of the event and also offer a reflection on the event in relation to the thesis statement.

Revise your Essay

Once the essay is written it is imperative that the author revises it. Revision is important for several reasons:

  • It helps the author root out grammatical errors
  • It aids the author find any inconsistencies in the story
  • The author is able to observe if he has stayed true to the theme and story
  • It aids in inspecting the structure of the essay.

Here is the link to a sample that has been structured properly to be used as an example.

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