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A Perfect Guide for an Analytical Essay

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What is an analytical essay?

It may be easier to answer what an analytical piece is not.  An analytical essay is one where the author presents an argument or claim and then analyzes it. The subject may be anything at all however the author will be expected to substantiate the claim by way of providing reliable sources.

Like all essays it is key to read through your analytical essay when it is done. Because of the nature of the writing and what is needed of you in regards to providing references. This then could mean that your assignment could end up reading like a summary or a book report. This means that you are summarizing instead of analyzing. This also means that instead of stating the events you need to analyze the events in respect to the proof you have provided.

The analytical essay is more focused than a summary. They concentrate on the ‘’how’’e.g how the book or the poem was written and how themes are presented etc. Basically an analytical essay looks at the details of the story not just the story itself.

An example would be to analyze the theme of feminism in three of Shakespeare’s plays. This requires the author to delve into the nitty gritty of the story, tear it apart and lay it bare.


How to Write my Essay – Formatting

Like all essays a typical format follows a simple flow:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

This does not mean that these are the only headings rather this is the basic flow that it follows. Some stories are more complex than others and the body may be chunkier than you expect.  Knowing exactly what it is, is the key to know how to write it.

analytical flow chart

Analytical Writing Tips

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