College often can be long nights of studying; seeking help from your  instructor; and a strict diet of caffeine and coffee. It’s understood that college is not easy, but you should give it your best. Successful students know they will write persuasive papers, which are genuine, persuasive and impactful.

Base the Thesis on a Claim

If you view the argument as a house, the thesis statement will be your foundation. It has to be powerful. This is a given of every assignment, but, it is even more critical to compose a strong thesis statement where a college-level piece is concerned, because your argument will be highly complex. For each claim you make, ensure that it flows logically from the claim that you made before it.

Demonstrate the Knowledge for Relevant Arguments

When you are writing at the college level, you may be tempted to show off your powers of persuasion and approach it alone. Fight that urge and don’t give in. Good academic work is based on the good academic work that came before it. Your argument will be stronger, if you show how it’s backed by the arguments of other scholars, just be sure you remember to cite your sources. If you can showcase your awareness of arguments that oppose your own, then you’ll be viewed more seriously.

Provide an Original Contribution

If you were still doing your high school assignment, knowing and thinking critically, about a body of work, would be sufficient. But, as a college student, you are expected to contribute to the whole body of work. After synthesizing what’s been said about a subject, make sure that you say something interesting, unusual, and new.

Make It Succinct

If you approach writing like a doctoral dissertation, you’ll never finish the piece and you’ll never get started on the dissertation. Think of a college essay as a prelude to more extensive research. You cannot say everything that others have said, about a subject, or everything that you want to say about it; you might have said enough for one essay.

Pick a Persuasive Thesis Topic Quick

Need a quick persuasive topic? Below, is a list of topics you may use or view example persuasive topics:

  • Can vegan diets be healthy?
  • Have cell phones and social media made families not as close, or closer?
  • How impactful can companies like The Marketing Heaven be in the realm of social media?
  • Why do people litter? What will motivate people to clean up after themselves?
  • How does inter-racial adoption affect your family?
  • If we can make people live longer through technology, should we? Is there is a balance between quantity and quality of life?
  • How to get out of “the friendship zone?”
  • Should parents be able to decide the genetics of their children?

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