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5 Qualities of Successful Students

Posted by
college graduates

What distinguishes an excellent student from a mediocre one? Although there is no single way to be a good student academically — we all have different learning styles and personalities, after all — there are some core traits that all successful students share in their academics. How many of these five qualities do you have? […]

How to Successfully Tutor High School and College Writing

Posted by
college tutors

Whether you’re a professional teacher or the parent of a student, giving any student some one-on-one academic attention brings with it some big challenges. How do you know you’re not just “giving them the answer”? What do you do when your student stares blankly back at you after you ask a question, and is it […]

Top-Down Strategies for Structuring a Term Paper

Posted by
Strategies for Structuring a Term Paper

Writing a term paper can seem like a daunting task, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. It can be tempting to just start writing without a plan and revise as you go. While “winging it” might get the assignment done, this strategy often leads to a muddled, disorganized content piece. A better […]

5 Time Management Tips All College Students Need to Know About

Posted by
schedule list

If there is anything that separates a successful college student from the rest of the pack, it’s all in how they manage their time. Students who know how to strike the right amount of balance between school and other activities often find their college years easier to navigate. Unfortunately, not every student has the right […]

Writing Essentials: The Elements Of A Good Paper

Posted by
woman girl writing

Even if you’re not a student you may find yourself having to produce a written text that conforms to the criteria of the assignment. The term is imprecise, describing a variety of different kinds of text, but its hallmark is that it is a short piece, usually in prose, that sets out facts, ideas or […]

Five Ways to Help Yourself Succeed in College

Posted by

The first semester of college can be a difficult transition for many students.  Newly graduated 18-year-olds often think that the same things that helped them succeed in high school will create a plan for success in college.  While some of the tricks of high school will help, college asks much more of students than high […]

10 Ways U.S. Colleges Work to help Support International Students

Posted by
campus life

When you are going to a new country to study it can be very stressful, here a few things to ask the U.S. colleges about what ways are the colleges going to work to help support International students.  Here are few tips of aid that you should look for when considering the right college in […]

Helpful Tips for A Freshman College Student

Posted by

Let me just start by saying as a college graduate. Coming into your first year of college. I am sure you are very excited but also have some worries that college students will face. There are many things that can make not just your freshman year more enjoyable but your whole academic career. So here […]

The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – Write My Paper Co.

Posted by
writing samples

Author: Jordan Hudson Subject: The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – How Poverty Rates Affected Crime Rates in New Orleans in 2005 Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters to affect the United States. A perfect storm of problems converged on New Orleans, which saw it’s familiar city turn into a relative war zone, […]

How to Study Efficiently

Posted by
messy desk

Learning to study efficiently will help you in all of life’s endeavors. Whether you’re still at school, starting a new job, discovering cash out apps or just picking up a new hobby, the ability to study effectively is crucial to your continued progress. By following just a few simple steps you can vastly improve your […]